Floral Cascade Management

Flower Cascade Establishment And Management

Our Floral Cascade mixtures, if established and maintained properly, are both attractive and low maintenance.
However, it is vital that the mixtures are sown and managed correctly. Below is a general guide to the establishment and management of flower sites. Please contact us for advice about your own specific project.

Ground Preparation And Sowing

The annual flowers will last only one year as the name suggests completing their life cycle from establishment to flowering to setting seed all in one year. It is important to sow these mixtures as early as possible in the year to give them time to achieve their full potential.

Most soils are ideal for flower meadows but should be as sterile as possible – to reduce competition from undesirable weeds and grasses. No preseeding fertiliser should be applied for this reason.

To sterilise the soil, the area should be treated with an appropriate weedkiller to kill all plants. Ideally, after working the ground and allowing time for any weed seeds in the soil to germinate, it should ideally be treated for a second time to reduce the weed seed bank in the soil.

Though a fine tilth is not required, soil disturbance encourages a good soil-to-seed contact.

It is important not to sow too much as a heavy seed rate will encourage rapid and tall vegetative growth pre flowering that can encourage the plant to fall over on flowering.

Seeds should be sown on the surface and lightly worked in. If possible, the area should be rolled to give good contact and maintain soil moisture and reduce soil erosion.